The roaring twenties.

In my very first post I gave some stats about who I am and what I’m about. In the next couple of post im going to elaborate on my introduction.  As I stated in the first post im in my late twenties. This part if my life has be a true roller coaster with a lot of twist and turns. As I get closer to 30 revelations about my life in general are coming hard and fast. Things like marriage, children and careers become very real and sometimes feel unattainable. Im a woman  that was raised in the south and after a certain period of time young women are expected to have at least 2 of these 3 things accomplished by the end of your twenties. Being the late bloomer that I am I’ve only started to consider 1 of these things in the past few years. 


As usual I feel like I’m late to the party but in alot of ways I’m pretty good.  I cant imagine having a child, husband and a real career with all of the growing and changing that I did in my teens and twenties.  I had to come to terms with some things from my past that I dont think having that much life happening would have helped. I didnt start dating until my early adult years and even then dating was very rare. I was really focus on school and trying to figure me out. Now that I’m older I count it as a good thing that I decided to take that route. When I finally got into a relationship I knew who I wanted to be. Being so gun ho to just be with someone can sometimes not be in your best interest or theirs.


Now on to the children aspect. Kudos and hats off for those who do but right now I AIN’T THE ONE! I truly love being by myself.  I have people that I grew up with that have 10 year olds and im soo scared straight. IM NOT THE ONE! I am very aware of what parenthood requires and totally respect it….. but IM NOT THE ONE! I know for sure I cant do it single. For the ones that do much love and respect. But I AIN’T THE ONE.



Ive learned that there is a huge difference in a career and a job. In your twenties jobs are cool but in your thirties careers are needed.  Its cool to be able to pay bills and go out to lunch in your twenties but going into your thirties you need more . You would be real crazy if you didn’t desire more. In your thirties you want assets, not liabilities. That goes for all areas of life. Im glad I have been able to work but its time to do something that’s going to bring me assets.



All in all my twenties were ok. I did alot of learning. I’ve made alot of mistakes.I also made alot of good choices.  I hope that the lessons that I learned in my roaring twenties will help me navigate my thirties better. I refuse to go into a Great Depression in my thirties because I didnt pay attention to my twenties.


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