My city, my town

The south is known for its southern drawls, down home food , and warm hospitality. Its a dangerously lovely cocktail that always seem to bring together a mixed crowd. I grew up and still live in a city that is known for 2 very distinct things: death and pork. Death as in the death of Martin Luther King Jr and pork as in the best barbecue in the world. Some say that Elvis Presley is the biggest thing that Memphis, Tennessee is know for, but most in the bluff city would disagree with that opinion.


Me personally , I’m in love with the food. Yea I said it. The food here is awesome. You can have anything from our classic mainstay barbecue to innovative cusiene in a 5 mile radius from each other. Its truly an amazing experience. There’s a delicious reason why we are one of the fastest states in America.


Most here complain about the city but I’ve had a pretty good life here. If your bored in this city it is truly your fault.  There is a whole street called Beale street that is dedicated to good music and a good time. There’s the Redbird games, Africa in April, concerts, festivals and thats just this month. There’s the Stax museum where some of the best music in the world was born and cultivated. The Civil Rights museum where a major part of the civil rights movement made history. No, we’re not an Atlanta or a Nashville but Memphis has plenty to offer. You just need to know where to look.


I love my city. Its full of characters with beautiful layers and stories that are unique in every way.  Memphis has textures and tones that you cant find anywhere else. I love my city. I love my town.




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