This is the end.


So a couple of days ago I got a text from my prior significant other(my Ex) to get his things back. I knew that this day was coming but in some ways I still wasnt prepared for it. It was an easy exchange. Im not one for drama most of the time but I had a serious inner battle that I really had to wrestler with.  You know the one when the angel is telling you” be cool,calm,and lady like. Just give him his stuff back and move on” . Then I have the little devil’s on the other side that is screaming” burn his crap and and ship it back to his mama’s house!” One of these I really wanted to do and the other i actually did . I really didn’t know I felt like following the little devil’s advice until he contacted me. Usually I have no problem dismissing anything dramatic but I really had to fight the urge to act like  a castmate on Love and Hip Hop. Then I had an epiphany( I seem to be having alot of those) I’m ok with being without him. Sometimes at the end of a break up we only want to remember the great times with that person but the truth is that things weren’t always roses with that person.  There were reasons for the ending of the relationship.  Valid reasons that you shouldn’t just sweep under the rug. Its best to let go  and move on which I plan on doing.  I am ready to move onward and upward.



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