Get you a sponsor?

After a break up most women go through some changes.  My change is usually hair. I either chop it off or get it flowing down my back. This time I chose  the chop off method.  It always makes me feel refreshed and sassy. So I made an appointment with my hairstylist for the new look that I was going for.  So while she’s standing there cutting me up, we get to talking about each other’s exs and how we are coping with the change . I said ” I’m just going to fly solo and take care of me”. You know that strong black woman shtick that you say when you really don’t know what you’re going to do. Well my stylist responds in a very matter of fact tone “girl I got myself a sponsor, I’m too gucci” .


At this point in the conversation I am thoroughly intrigued and must know more. You see my definition of sponsor is more like a sugar daddy that you eventually have to give up some sugar for. She quickly informed me that that isnt always the case. “Some men just want to do for you and make you happy”she said. I have never come in contact with this type of man and if I did, I didn’t know it. I really find it hard to believe that this kind of relationship between man and woman exist.  If it does how does it work?


I always thought women that had sponsors were the types that didn’t have anything going for themselves. My stylist is not one of those women.  She is a sista out there doing it for herself,  so why the sponsor? I have a hard time excepting gifts from people that I know. It would seem really weird accepting anything from a person who was basically a stranger.  In this day and age is it possible to just have someone  who ” just wants to see you happy”? Give me some feedback.  Does this really happen to people?


P.s. here’s a look at my new hair. 


I am serving all types of sass. GET INTO THAT!


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