Soo its summertime…

I simply adore the summertime.  I love everything about it. Food, concerts, and the awesome heat are the elements of summer that I live for. One of my favorite events to go to is trolley night. The South Main Arts District makes up the southern portion of Downtown Memphis. It is located on South Main Street.

On the last Friday of each month, an event called “Art Trolley Tour” is put on by the owners of the South Main businesses and art galleries. From 6-9 p.m. the MATA trolley service up and down Main Street, open art galleries, and longer hours for most  of the area shops. It is truly the best time to be downtown.  The first stop  that was made was to the Sue Layman gallery. 


The Sue Layman gallery incredible! Its a 3 story gallery with amazing pieces on each floor.  Sue the artist greets you at the door and makes you feel like your old friends. Her pieces are vibrant and inspiring. The piece in the post is called “Making Music”.


Next stop is the Cheesecake Corner. It is truly the most amazing cheesecake that I have ever had! They have everything from a classic cheesecake to the vanilla pound cake cheesecake.  Both are incredible.  Everything about their cheesecake is magical.



One of my favorite places to go to on South Main is Downtown Candle.  Their candles are hand poured from artisan soy wax, heavenly essential oils, and natural cedar wooden wicks. There is no secret to why Downtown Candle Company are considered the best candles! They are eco-friendly and all natural.   Downtown Candle sets itself apart  from commercial candles by  providing soot free consistent  burning that you won’t get from any other candle. My favorite is Melon berry with  juicy watermelon,strawberry and green melon. It is heavenly Devine!


As you can tell by my post I simply adore everything about South Main and trolley night. The best part is that you get to experience true downtown culture with the most friendly people you will ever meet.  I love my town!



3 thoughts on “Soo its summertime…

  1. julieallyn says:

    We spent a weekend in Memphis for the Liberty Bowl over the New Year’s weekend of 2013. The weather was cool and chilly but it was such fun seeing Iowa State fans EVERYWHERE that weekend. Loved Sun Studio and touring Beale Street. Unfortunately our team lost the game and even more disheartening I broke my arm within the first 24 hours there (snapping photos and tripped on the sidewalk). Anyway Memphis was an interesting place and I love seeing folks so excited about their hometowns!

    1. darbonny says:

      Thanks for responding! Sounds like your visit was bitter sweet. Next time you come you should try the Pink Palace. It is gorgeous! Ive never been to your side of the country it but whenever you Iowa fans come to town its always an interesting time!

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