Handle with care

The older that I get the more I understand taking care of myself.  Sure the eating right and regular exercise is the first thing to pop into everyone’s mind, but there is a alot more to it. Keeping yourself sharp mentally and emotionally is usually overlooked by most but its all apart of self care. Even God wants all of you in working order.  In 3 John1:2 it reads” Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.” In other words everything needs to be working mind, body,and spirit. Anger, regret, resentment,  and fear reck havoc on a body.  How you are feeling will manifest itself in your body in the form of illnesses.  All of you is important. All of you is needed. Its ok to take care of you.


Taking care of all of me means I love me, and its ok to love me.


So in the words of a man who I’d never though that I would quote Jerry Springer “Take care of yourself and each other” Be well all!


P.s. yes I am the type of person that will quote the BIBLE and Jerry Springer in the same breath. Im just that type of girl I am. Im just as shocked as you are but it just fit what I was trying to express. Be well all!


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