Gettin grown

A couple of days ago I celebrated my 29th birthday. I didnt have a big party or even a small intimate dinner but I was very happy with my day. I felt blessed.  Being able to grow older is a blessing that I humbly welcome.  Most women see the last year of their 20’s as a curse.  I had one woman tell me “there’s no turning back now, you aint a little girl anymore.” In a way I was offended, she phrased it as if I hadn’t been an adult this entire time.


Being in your 20’s is a bit of a double edge sword.  You’ve got time on your side along with youth, strength and if your lucky beauty. But the downside is that you dont have the wisdom from lessons learned which is more valuable . Im thinking that my 30’s are going to be the best of both worlds; young enough to enjoy all those great attributes but old enough to have that wisdom. 


I am starting to feel the physical changes of getting older. An ache here, an ouch there. Recovery time from exercising is a little slower than it used to be. My biological clock is faintly ticking but not enough to stress about.  All in all I feeling my age and all that goes with it ; good and indifferent. And I like it. I enjoy getting older. I appreciate what lessons I’ve learned along the way. Gettin grown wasn’t easy but its better than the alternative.


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