Moving forward.


In a couple of weeks I will turn a year older. I am on the tail end of my twenties and I’m excited and nervous all at once.  Im excited about the opportunities and possibilities that are opening up to me but I’m nervous about the unknown.  It seems like my twenties just flew by. Praise God that they did! Most people want to go back in time and relive their high school and college years because it was the best years of their life.  Not me. I wouldn’t go back for anything.  Leave the past where it is. Going through awkward teen years and the growing pains of becoming an adult is not something that I want to do again. 

Maybe I should give a little back story.  I was a very bright teenager with glasses,  pigeon toed, shy, rocky self esteem and a very dry sense of humor.





Did I mention that I was an overweight teen. So put all of these elements together in the late 90’s and you’ve got yourself a struggling teen that turned into a jaded young adult.  Bottom line:  I WILL NEVER WANT TO GO BACK!  Being a full fledge adult is awesome! If your not busy trying live in the past you get to see that you can write your present and future. So praise God that time keeps marching on because there is truly more to life than you reliving the first act that has already been completed.  Only go forward because you cant go back.



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