Late in bloom


The term late bloomer is usually used a a negative term.  Its associated with a person that can never seem to get it when everybody else does.  A person that always a little late to the party.  This term has been used to describe me for as long as I can remember. It use to bother me. While everyone else was so sure of themselves & I usually still trying to figure it out. It became quite annoying. Every one else was going off to college while I was still asking the question”why go”. While everyone was on there 3rd boyfriend, I was muddling my way through with an awkward shyness that I couldn’t seem to shake.


  Part of the reason that those parts of life were so difficult because I was forcing something that wasn’t meant for me at that time. Trying to play catch up with others always left me feeling left behind. Then around 25 I had an amazing epiphany. A saying that my grandma use to tell me began to make sense. “I get there is when I get there.” She was trying to tell me that my arrival to certain places in life were to be done in my time, not in any one elses. Im not on anyone’s time clock but God’s. My life lessons may not be for others. My life is uniquely designed just for me.

The real problem with being a late bloomer is the agonizing time in between getting to that grand epiphany. In the mist of trying to “figure it out” there are alot of bumps and mishaps. There’s the “trying to make it work doing what everyone else” and failing miserably. Then there’s the questions and snide remarks about your  “figure it out”stage from people who will not be affected in anyway if this thing goes south that can work a nerve. The good news: this period in life will not last forever. You have to give it time to pass.


Being a late bloomer was and is hard. Now that I’m older I count coming into my own later as a blessing. I have a chance to create my own way and find out who I want to be. What people tend to forget is that late bloomers do in fact bloom and beautifully I might add. Some just need time to bloom to their fullest potential. There is nothing wrong with being late in bloom.


P.s this is just a poetic pic of myself since this was such a deep post.


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